Achieving Effectiveness in the Quest for Equal Access to Justice Workshop in collaboration with the Office of the Public Defender and Citizens Right Commission (PDCRC), Kogi State, Nigeria

Access to justice is a fundamental right for all citizens of a country. Unfortunately, the vulnerable and poor in most communities lack legal representation and advisory services mostly due to economic constraints and ignorance. This brings about an urgent need for governments, legal aid providers and other stakeholders to partner and understand the challenges that the vulnerable in the society face in their quest to access justice and find solutions to these challenges.

Against this backdrop, AGA-Africa Programme in collaboration with Office of the Public Defender and Citizens Right Commission (PDCRC), Kogi State, Nigeria held a two-day workshop on 17th and 18th February 2022, titled “Achieving Effectiveness in the Quest for Equal Access to Justice” in a bid to bring awareness and discuss possible solutions.

The workshop was aimed at facilitating thought-provoking discussions on the challenges faced by the vulnerable in society in their quest for access to justice, and equip the participants with knowledge and skills required to effect positive change to ensure equal access to justice.

The training was graced by Hon. Ibrahim Sanni Muhammed, SAN, Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Kogi State, with Markus Green Esq., AGA-Africa Programme Board Member, delivering the opening speech.

The highly informative and interactive sessions were facilitated by our subject matter experts Hon. Justice Abdul Awulu, Judge, High Court of Justice, Kogi State, Abdullahi Zakari Esq, Director General, Office of the Public Defender and Citizens’ Rights Commission, Kogi State, Hon. Justice Reginald Sydney Fynn JA, Senior Justice, Court of Appeal of Sierra Leone, Jason Downs, Chief Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General for District of Columbia, David Blake, General Counsel, Attorney General Alliance and Aliyu Bagudu Abubakar, Director General of Legal Aid Council of Nigeria.

AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator for Nigeria and Partner, PUNUKA Attorneys & Solicitors Ebelechukwu Enedah moderated the sessions and brought the two-day event to a successful close.