Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Workshop,Livingstone, Zambia

AGA-Africa Programme in collaboration with the Wildlife Investigators Training Alliance (WITA) and the National Prosecution Authority(NPA) held a four-day workshop on Anti- Wildlife Trafficking in Livingstone, Zambia on 12th- 15th August 2019. The workshop brought together, investigators and prosecutors from the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) and Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), Zambia and was tailored to raise awareness on various issues surrounding Wildlife Trafficking.
Representing the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) was Ms. Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyunyi, Director of Public Prosecutions, Zambia who noted that the illegal wildlife trafficking has continued to decimate many species worldwide and in so doing, has threated iconic species such as the rhinoceros, elephant, and pangolin with extinction.

Mr Shawn Karns, the Wildlife Investigators Training Alliance (WITA) director gave in-depth presentations on Crime Scene Investigation: Sketching, Casting Impressions, Photography, Rifling Characteristics and Investigation and Prosecution of Wildlife Crimes.

AGA-Africa Programme speakers during the event were Stephanie Karns- WITA Assistant Director, Chris Clementson- WITA and Mrs Alice Ntambo Sitali- Deputy Chief State Advocate, Eastern Province.