Asset Forfeiture and Mutual Legal Assistance Workshop in collaboration with the Pan African Bar Association of South Africa (PABASA)

Asset forfeiture is the process that entails the restraint, confiscation and repatriation of proceeds of crime and mostly requires legal cooperation among states and law enforcement institutions to be effective.

The procedure of tracing, freezing, confiscating and returning the stolen assets to their country of origin is, however, complex and lengthy involving multiple jurisdictions and is often complicated by technical, legal or political barriers and requires critical knowledge and skills.

To shed more light on this topic, AGA-Africa Programme collaborated with the Pan African Bar Association of South Africa (PABASA), to host a very informative 3-day workshop from 28th-30th March, 2022 titled “Asset Forfeiture and Mutual Legal Assistance”.

The workshop was aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of the participants on asset forfeiture within the cross border-jurisdictional mutual assistance framework and how to move or oppose application of civil asset forfeiture. This will in turn assist them in the identification, investigation, seizure, prosecution and adjudication of asset forfeiture and recovery cases.

The workshop was officially opened by Markus Green Esq, AGA-Africa Programme Board Member followed by brief remarks from Nasreen Rajab Budlender SC, Chairperson of the Pan African Bar Association of South Africa.

The training sessions were facilitated by our subject matter experts: Dianne Willman, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa, Xavier Aloysius Cunningham, Assistant United States Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, Rachel R. Heintz, Assistant Attorney General (AAG), Southern Arizona White Collar and Criminal Enterprise Section of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Phillip Kagucia, Deputy Director , Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Kenya, Justice Mnisi, Convener and Lecturer in Criminal Law and Procedure , Pius Langa School of Advocacy South Africa and  Anton Katz SC, Senior Counsel, Pan African Bar Association of South Africa.

The training was brought to a close by Kim Robinson, AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator, South Africa.