Capacity Building Of Law Enforcement Agencies  In Zambia To Root Out Human Trafficking

AGA-Africa Programme in collaboration with the Zambian National Prosecution Authority (NPA) organized a three day workshop on the Investigation and Prosecution of Human Trafficking on 20th- 22nd August 2018 at Protea Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia. The workshop provided hands on training to prosecutors to enable them to root out human trafficking and rapidly increase the number of convictions.

The workshop was officially opened by the Deputy Chief State Advocate for Central Province of Zambia Mrs. Rosemary Nonde Khuzwayo on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecution Zambia, Ms. Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni. Deputy Chief State Advocate, NPA Gina Nyampachila welcomed all the participants and urged them to take advantage of every training opportunity presented to them.

AGA AAPBoard Member, Mr. Markus Green ESQ, in his opening remarks stated that human trafficking is a critical human rights issue which has come to the fore, despite the efforts to combat this abhorrent practice. He added that poverty is one of the greatest assets to traffickers as they use it to lure their victims.

AGA facilitator, Jorge H. Duque – Criminal Investigator, Colorado Attorney General’s Office had an informative session from an investigators perspective on effective measures to effectively address the new challenges in the fight against human trafficking.

He stated that a major challenge in investigating human trafficking cases is the lack of evidence, he stated the importance of working closely with prosecutors and other non-human trafficking investigators to secure upholding testimonies from the victims.

Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Colorado Andrea Surratt facilitated a session on ‘Identifying challenges to improve the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases.’ She shared on the importance of investigators collaborating with prosecutors to ensure effective prosecution of human trafficking