Digital Currencies and Crypto Derivatives: Banking, Regulatory and Cybersecurity–Webinar in collaboration with Lagos Business School and Fintech Association Nigeria (FINTECHNGR)

Digital Currencies and Crypto Derivatives are part of the emerging currencies and New Payment Methods that are gaining acceptance in recent times. The Covid-19 Pandemic has escalated the use of these currencies.

Several African countries, and countries in the world, lack proper regulatory frameworks for Crypto Currencies and Crypto Derivatives hence building an ideal ecosystem for cybercrimes to thrive.

Against this backdrop, AGA-Africa Programme in collaboration with the Lagos Business School and Fintech Association Nigeria (FINTECHNGR) held a two-day webinar from 2nd -3rd November, 2021 titled “Digital Currencies and Crypto Derivatives: Banking, Regulatory and Cybersecurity”.

The webinar was aimed at creating a platform for sharing knowledge of the intrinsic banking, regulatory and cybersecurity issues in both digital currency and crypto-assets/derivatives. This would equip participants with essential knowledge required in the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime and cryptocurrency related crimes in Nigeria.

The training was officially opened by Markus Green Esq. AGA-Africa Programme Board Member with keynote speeches from Victor Banjo, Director Executive Education, Lagos Business School, Ade Bajomo, President of FINTECH Association, Nigeria and CSE Dein Whyte, Public Service on behalf of Abdulrasheed Bawa, Chairman Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The subject matter experts who facilitated the informative sessions were: David C. Blake, General Counsel, Attorney General Alliance, Prof. Olawale Ajai, Professor of Legal, Social, and Political Environment of Business, Lagos Business School, Jimoh Musa, Director, Payment System Management Department, Central Bank of Nigeria, Adedayo Adebajo Digital Transformation: Block chain specialist and M.D Jelurida Africa, Kombe Kaponda, Financial Markets Infrastructure (FMI) Networks and Security Specialist, Central Banker, ICT Networks and Security Solutions Engineer, Digital Frontiers Institute and Dein Whyte, Public Service, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nigeria.

AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator for Nigeria and Partner, PUNUKA Attorneys & Solicitors Ebelechukwu Enedah moderated the sessions and brought the successful two-day event to a close.