Effective Public Prosecution‎ and Defense: Essentials for Success, Lagos, Nigeria,

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes keynoted the conference “Effective Public Prosecution‎ and Defense: Essentials for Success,” in Lagos, Nigeria, in December 2016. The event was organized by Chief Anthony Idigbe, SAN, Senior Partner of the firm Punuka Attorneys and Solicitors and held at the Lagos Business School. General Reyes spoke of his experiences fighting human trafficking in the Americas, and led a discussion of the scope of the issue and efforts to combat trafficking and other crimes in Nigeria. Utah Chief Federal Deputy & General Counsel Parker Douglas led an exchange of ideas on prosecuting public corruption. Other speakers included Markus Green, Assistant General Counsel of Pfizer, Inc., Fola Arthur-Worrey, former Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution, and Bayero Davi, Kaduna State Director of Public Prosecution. During his time in Lagos, General Reyes visited the Tarkwa Bay Montessori School, where some 180 students study under headmaster Olatunde Funmilayo and her team, in a cinder block school with no electricity or running water, but with great enthusiasm.