Training & Capacity Building

AGA-Africa Programme together with our partners, organises workshops, seminars and conferences, aimed at, sharing knowledge / experiences, in addition to developing and strengthening the human and institutional capacity required to combat transnational crimes.

AGA focuses on transferable skills, working together as a team is a fundamental requirement for success. From the first response to the crime scene and throughout the investigation, prosecutors, police investigators, and forensics experts must coordinate the preservation and processing of evidence, the development of the theory of the case, and the preparation of witnesses and exhibits for trial.

How We Work With You

  • Transnational Crime Investigation & Prosecution
  • Essential Trial Techniques
  • Forensic Evidence Gathering
  • Essential Trial Techniques
  • Sharing Law Enforcement Best Practice Advanced trial advocacy

The AGA-Africa Programme training also has specific modules which covers the following transnational crimes:

  • Anti Human Trafficking
  • Anti-Wildlife Trafficking
  • Countering Terrorism
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Dealing with Corruption
  • Reducing and Preventing Cybercrime
  • Gender-Based Violence