The National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) Zambia partners with AGA-Africa Programme for Prosecution of Electoral Offences Workshop

Elections are a major critical factor in maintaining the stability of democracies. Zambia will hold tripartite elections on 12th August, 2021. The last elections were held on 12th August, 2016, under the provisions of the new Constitution of Zambia.

In the pre and post August 2016 elections, the country experienced numerous electoral related offences such as election fraud, violence, corruption and other illegal practices. The foregoing, consequently led to a high number of cases that resulted in prosecution.

To equip prosecutors with requisite knowledge and skills, AGA-Africa Programme in partnership with the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) Zambia held a three-day Webinar on Prosecution of Electoral Offenses from 13th – 15th July, 2021 in Zambia.

The three-day webinar was aimed at building the capacity of prosecutors in the management of electoral cases to ensure that the best evidence is brought to court as well as increasing the public confidence in the electoral process and in the prosecution of electoral offences.

Keynote addresses were delivered by Fulata Lillian Shawa-Siyunyi, Director of Public Prosecutions, Zambia, Mable Bauleni-Nawa, Chief Administrator, National Prosecution Authority Zambia, Chief State Advocate, Nkumbiza Thelma Mumba and Dr. Freda Mwamba-Brazle Managing Partner, Innovatus Zambia and AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator, Zambia.

The workshop sessions were facilitated by Dr. Steven W. S. Kayuni, Director of Public Prosecutions, Ministry of Justice, Malawi, Charlton T. Howard III, State Prosecutor, Maryland, US, Victor Mule, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Office of the DPP, Kenya, Andrea W. Trento, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Litigation Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, Hon. Mr. Justice Chalwe Farai Ralph Mchenga, Deputy Judge President of the Court of Appeal, Zambia, Philip V. Apruzzese, Director, Combatting Upstate Financial Fraud Schemes (CUFFS) Initiative, Office of the New York State Attorney General, Triza Kutambe Phiri-Lungu Manager, Legal Electoral Commission of Zambia and Wezzy Mbula, Legal Officer, Zambia Police Service Headquarters, Lusaka, Zambia.

The workshop was ably moderated by Gina Nyampachila Nyalugwe Deputy Chief State Advocate (Provincial Attorney), National Prosecution Authority, Central Province and Katongo Ian Waluzimba, Deputy Chief State Advocate (Provincial Attorney), National Prosecution Authority, Southern Province.