Full name: The Republic of Uganda
Area: 241, 038 km²
Capital: Kampala

Previous Events

Event: Anti -money Laundering and Cybercrime Symposium
Partner: Uganda Law Society
Date: May 2021

Event: Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti-Money Laundering Workshop
Partner: The Aviation Police and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority
Date: March 2021


Event: Cybercrime & Electronic Evidence for Counter-Terrorism Investigations & Prosecutions Workshop
Partner: Intergovernmental Authority on Development Security Sector Program (IGAD SSP)
Date: December 2019

Event: Forensic Crimes, Cybercrimes & Electronic Evidence and Data Protection Workshop
Partner: KTA Advocates
Date: October 2019

Event: AGA-Africa Participation In The 3RD Uganda Law Society Annual Conference
Partner: Uganda Law Society
Date: April 2019

Event: MOU Signing Ceremony With The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA)
Partner: Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA)
Date: April 2019

Event: Anti-Money Laundering & Asset Recovery Workshop
Partner: Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA)
Date: April 2019

Event: Uganda Law Society AGM.
Partner: Uganda Law Society
Date:  March 2018

Event: A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ugandan Ministry of Justice and AGA-Africa Alliance Partnership (AGA-Africa)
Partner: Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Date:  March 2018

Event: AGA-Africa visited the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Attorney General.
Partner: Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.
Date: April 2017

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