Anti-Human Trafficking Workshop with Aviation Police and Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda

Human trafficking, a modern form of slavery, has become a major global problem. According to a UNODC Report, the most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation (79%) followed by forced labour (18%), with traffickers targeting the poor and vulnerable members of society.

The Trafficking in Persons Report from 2020 estimated that traffickers are now exploiting 7,000 to 12,000 children through sex trafficking in Uganda noting that the criminal justice system in Uganda is currently not adequately prepared to handle international crimes of this scope and nature.

To shed more light on this plight, AGA-Africa Programme in collaboration with the Aviation Police and the Civil Aviation Authority, Uganda organized an “Anti-Human Trafficking” workshop from 8th -9th November, 2021.

The workshop was aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skill levels of law enforcement agencies, regulators (Uganda Civil Aviation Authority), investigators and prosecutors in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking crimes as well as boosting their understanding on the risks trafficking crimes poses across the continent.

The training was officially opened by Caroline Mbabazi, AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator for Uganda and with a keynote speech from SP Boaz Katuzeyo, Commandant, Uganda Aviation Police.

The workshop sessions were facilitated by: Carolina Holderness, Chief, Human Trafficking Response Unit and Deputy Chief, Special Victims Bureau, New York County District Attorney’s Office, Joseph Kyomuhendo Chief State Attorney, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Uganda, Nalubega Rosemary Yvonny, Acting Commissioner, in Charge of Sexual Offenses and Children Cases CID, Uganda, Natalae Velez, Owner, Natalae Velez Consulting, Anita Nyanjong’, Advocate, High Court of Kenya, and Mohamed Daghar, Regional Coordinator Eastern Africa | ENACT.

Brian Kambaho Karogo, Advocate, Arcadia Advocates, brought the workshop to a close on behalf of Caroline Mbabazi, AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator for Uganda.