Anti Money Laundering Workshop – Rwanda

The two-day workshop  held on the 12th to 13th December 2017 on the topic “Investigation and Prosecution of Money Laundering Crimes” was organized by the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) Africa Alliance Partnership in collaboration with the Rwandan Ministry of Justice & Attorney General’s Office. The venue of the workshop was the Lemigo Hotel in the center of Kigali.
The two-day workshop attracted 64 participants who included representatives from the Rwandan Ministry of Justice (MOJ); including the Head of Justice and Judicial Cooperation Department (IJJDC) Rwanda National police, Attorney general’s office and other members of the law enforcement.
The facilitators briefly defined what Money Laundering is with the help of the facilitators before discussing the types of money laundering, including: racketeering proceeds, misrepresentation of the origin of money and unlicensed money transmitters before explaining the phases of money laundering which include: placement, layering and integration.
Facilitators took the participants through the Economic and social consequences of money laundering at the macro level, including how proceeds from money laundering can be used for Terror financing.