The Aviation Police and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority collaborate with AGA-Africa Programme for an Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti-Money Laundering Workshop

Uganda is a critical regional hub for transnational crime networks since it sits at the heart of important routes that are not only responsible for trafficking of persons, but increasingly, drugs, money laundering, financing terrorism and facilitating of trafficking in wildlife.

While the country has regulations regarding money laundering like the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2013, criminal syndicates are taking advantage of advances in technology like the use of cryptocurrencies, and weak enforcement to facilitate illicit financial transfers and fraud.

With respect to this, AGA-Africa Programme in collaboration with the Aviation Police and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority held a two-day workshop on Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti Money Laundering from 16th – 17th March, 2021 in Entebbe, Uganda.

The two-day workshop was aimed at supporting the fight against cross-border crime in Uganda, by equipping the participants with essential skills required to identify the various types of Money Laundering crimes and trends around the globe while equipping them with essential skills in the fight against Money Laundering and Human Trafficking in Uganda.

Gracing the training was Emmanuel Barungi, General Manager, Entebbe International Airport, SP. Katuzeyo Boaz, the Commandant, Aviation Police and Markus Green, AGA-Africa Programme Board Member.

Seasoned subject matter experts who facilitated the workshop sessions were Mike Bailey, Former US Attorney, District of Arizona, Justin McNabney, Deputy Chief, Human Trafficking Response Unit, Rachel Heintz, Assistant Attorney General (AAG), Southern Arizona White Collar and Criminal Enterprise Section, Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Mercy Buku, AML/CFT Legal and Risk Management Consultant, Banking and Digital Financial Services Sector, Anita Nyanjong, Advocate,  High Court of Kenya, Peter Mugisha, State Attorney, Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, Mohamed Daghar, Regional Coordinator, Eastern Africa at Institute for Security Studies and Bazanya Fayid, human rights and commercial transactions litigation lawyer.