Training Of Trainers Workshop For Law Enforcement Agencies On Trafficking In Persons, Blantyre, Malawi.

Training Of Trainers Workshop For Law Enforcement Agencies On Trafficking In Persons, Blantyre, Malawi.

AGA-Africa in collaboration with Ministry of Homeland Security and the Malawi Network Against Trafficking (MNAT) continued to strengthen the ongoing fight against human trafficking in Malawi, through the two-day workshop that was aimed at training the trainers on ways to improve the capacity of law enforcement stakeholders to prevent, detect, investigate, and prosecute Trafficking in Person cases and the protection of innocent victims of such crimes on 13th – 14th  Dec, 2018 in Blantyre, Malawi. 

AGA-Africa is committed to working in partnership to promote effective international legal frameworks and strengthen criminal justice responses to transnational crimes, through the training of law enforcement agencies and other actors involved in the detection, investigation, and prosecution of Transnational crimes.

The workshop attracted various stakeholders from the Ministry of Homeland Security, MNAT, UNODC, Ministry of Justice, Tourism and Gender and Police Unit.  

Hon. Nicholas Dausi – Minister for Homeland Security officially opened the workshop. In his opening remarks, he acknowledged that Human Trafficking is a new trend of transnational and organized crimes that the world is facing today and that Malawi is not left behind by this phenomenon. He said that Malawi primarily is a source country of women, children and, men subjected to Trafficking in Persons, in human act like forced labor and prostitution.

“The implementation of the Trafficking In Persons Act 2015 and the National Plan of Action Against Trafficking In Person that was launched in August 2017, is the priority of  Malawi Government.”

Dr. Rodrick Mulonya – MNAT Chairman welcomed the delegates and commended the Government for being in the front line in combating TIP-related cases by passing the 2015 TIP Act.

“Building a knowledgeable team of law enforcement agencies is one of the Malawi’s priorities as the country is striving to win the fight against trafficking, thus the collaboration with AGA-Africa .”

Mr. Markus Green ESQ.- AGA-Africa Board Member in his address, introduced AGA-Africa and its commitment to working with various stakeholders to promote effective international legal frameworks and strengthen criminal justice responses to transnational crimes.

“Human Trafficking is the is the worst kind of crime you can imagine. That’s why we are here to exchange information and to share knowledge on how to deal with this very complex crime, that is Modern day slavery”

Mr. Mwai Kalua – Deputy Commissioner of Police in his opening remarks said that there was a need to provide joint training for law enforcement agencies on the Detection, Investigation, and Prosecution of Human trafficking and other Transnational Crimes. He urged the government to continue supporting partnerships that combat these crimes in order to eradicate the menace.

Ms. Judy Taschner– Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County during her session on Situation of TIP (global and regional) said the strategy to fighting human trafficking globally was Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Partnerships, and Prevention.     

During her fascinating session on challenges in investigating and prosecuting crimes in TIP internationally, she urged the delegates to learn the culture such as the terms and phrases Websites/social media applications that will allow them to understand what a victim or suspect is talking about during interviews for a proper investigation.

Mr. John Sydow – Sergeant, Sacramento sheriff’s department facilitated a session on Malawi legal framework pertaining to TIP . He took the delegates through the differences between Human Trafficking and Smuggling as well as the Sources, Transits and Destinations Countries for Trafficking In Person.

During his emotive session on Victim Awareness and Assistance, he said that most victims develop the strong opinion that no one really cares about them thus making them vulnerable.

Ephraim Charles Luhanga- Chairperson of FulaAfrica in his session said that their mandate as an organization is to reduce human trafficking and illegal migration, create awareness regarding issues and consequences surrounding the human trafficking and illegal migration – greener Pastures, promote and protect the humanity, dignity and rights of trafficked women and children especially Men in the rise.

As part of the outreach, AGA-Africa Facilitators, Ms. Judy Taschner and John Sydow visited  STEKA childrens orphanage, Blantyre, Malawi. STEKA is a Malawian Charity that creates sustainable futures for vulnerable children and young people. The orphanage campaigns for children’s rights and gender equality and is home to  a large number of vulnerable children who are victims of human trafficking.

Mr. Maxwell Matewere- National coordinator, Malawi Network Against Trafficking (M-NAT) presented an edifying session on training implementation plans and plenary discussion, consensus building on way forward.