Asset Recovery (Forfeiture) Workshop in collaboration with the National Prosecution Authority of Zambia

Asset forfeiture and recovery is an important part of cases involving financial crimes such as money laundering, fraud, corruption, human trafficking and in other offenses where the government can identify tools and means used to facilitate criminal activity.

Zambia, through the National Prosecution Authority, is making strides in the identification, confiscation, recovery and prosecution of all proceeds of crime by equipping the prosecutors with relevant knowledge and skills.

Against this backdrop, AGA-Africa Programme collaborated with the National Prosecution Authority of Zambia, for an informative three-day training titled “Asset Recovery / Forfeiture” from 15th – 17th November, 2021.

The training was aimed at building the capacity of the investigators and prosecutors on how to effectively apply the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2010 of Zambia in the performance of their duties. This was done through equipping them with knowledge and skills on preparation of applications for restraining orders and confiscation orders that will assist them in the identification, investigation, seizure, prosecution and adjudication of asset recovery cases.

The workshop was officially opened by Markus Green Esq. AGA-Africa Programme Board Member followed by brief welcome remarks from Fulata Lillian Shawa-Siyunyi (SC), Director of Public Prosecutions, Zambia with Rhodine Sikumba Minister of Tourism for Zambia delivering the keynote speech on behalf of H. E. Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia.

The workshop sessions were facilitated by subject matter experts: Hon. Mr. Justice Chalwe Farai Ralph Mchenga, SC, Deputy Judge President of the Court of Appeal, Mary Chirwa, Director General, Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Zambia,  Dorcas Oduor, EBS, OGW, Secretary, Public Prosecutions and Principal Deputy to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Kenya, Mable Bauleni-Nawa, Chief Administrator, National Prosecution Authority  (NPA) Zambia,  Rachel R. Heintz, Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Southern Arizona White Collar and Criminal Enterprise Section of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Xavier Aloysius Cunningham, Assistant United States Attorney, Margaret Chitundu, Deputy Chief State Advocate (DCSA) Director Head of Asset Forfeiture Department (NPA) Zambia, Diphat Tembo, Director of the Compliance and Prevention Department (FIC), Bako Chipola, Deputy Chief State Advocate (NPA) Copperbelt Province, and Lilian C. Mubialelwa, Chief Investigations Officer at the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit, Drug Enforcement Commission, Zambia.

The workshop was officially closed by Dr. Freda Mwamba-Brazle, Managing Partner, Innovatus Zambia and AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator, Zambia.