Human Trafficking Webinar (Nigeria)

Trafficking in persons is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights. Every year, it is recorded that thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad.

In an effort towards creating better understanding of this vice, AGA-Africa Programme in collaboration with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) and the Delta State Taskforce held a one-day webinar on Combatting Human Trafficking – Tackling the Unique Challenges of the Covid-19 Era on 31st July, 2020.

The webinar brought together regulators, judges, para legal/legal practitioners, human rights activists, Attorneys General, Legislators, staff of the Ministry of Justice, Regulatory Agencies, NGOs, Market Associations and the general public, and was tailored towards addressing the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic on the efforts of the law enforcement agencies at combatting the scourge of Human Trafficking, which has a potentially far-reaching, long-term negative impact on trafficked and exploited persons.

The event was officially opened by Chief Anthony Idgbe AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator for Nigeria and Senior Partner at Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors,   Julie Okah-Donli Director General – NAPTIP and Markus Green, AGA-Africa Programme Board Member, and Ijeoma Nwanze, Secretary Delta State Taskforce on Human Trafficking and Irregular Migration.

The speakers for the 1-day virtual event were Ijeoma Nwanze, Secretary Delta State Taskforce on Human Trafficking and Irregular Migration; Jennifer Montgomery Chair; Kansas Human Trafficking Advisory Board Director, Human Trafficking Education & Outreach; Natalae Velez, Special Victims Bureau Domestic Violence Unit & Human Trafficking Response Unit; Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Expert;  Ruth Juliet Nyambura Gahanna, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya Anti-Trafficking Expert; Edna Leslie Kuma, Executive Director African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA); and Susan Lustig, AGA-Africa Programme Administrative Director who brought the webinar to a close.