Cryptocurrencies and Trade-Based Money Laundering Workshop with the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) Rwanda

The technological revolution of the 21st Century has brought with it challenges to administration of justice with increasing use of cyberspace. Meanwhile, the regulation of cryptocurrencies, for example – bitcoin, is yet to be fully understood. While East African Community member states including Rwanda, have individual regulations regarding money laundering and cryptocurrencies, their capacity is […]

Cryptocurrencies and Trade Based Money Laundering Workshop with the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) Rwanda

Increased uptake of cyberspace and technology has led to challenges to administration of justice not just in Rwanda but across Africa. To help judicial officers keep up with the nexus of technology and law, the AGA-Africa Programme collaborated with the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) on a highly engaging ‘Cryptocurrencies and Trade Based […]

Countering Transnational Organized Crime in Africa” with Good Governance Africa, South Africa

Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) is one of Africa’s most critical security challenges which is often linked to human trafficking, sexual exploitation, fraud and money laundering and poaching of endangered wildlife. Additionally, transnational organised crime causes profound social, economic, political and environmental damage. In an effort to bring greater awareness on the impacts of transnational organised […]

Fintech-Crypto Assets and Consumers: Is it Time to Rein in the Wild Frontier?” Webinar with the Department of Mercantile Law, University of Pretoria, South Africa

It is crucial to explore crypto asset regulation and its effects on consumers from various perspectives as well as identify possible regulatory areas of concern for consumer protection in other fintech innovations. To enhance understanding of crypto assets against the backdrop of the high profile collapse of the US based FTX crypto exchange and the […]

Consider apply some law for NFT

One thing firms have started to realize is that there’s no bottom. There’s always going to be a firm willing to pay more. I have been hearing across a lot of different firms that they anticipate that bonuses are going to be higher than they have been in the past. It was popularised in the […]