Strengthening Justice in Malawi: A Collaborative Effort with the AGA-Africa Programme, the Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI), and the Kenya Judiciary Academy (KJA)

Introduction The establishment of the Financial Crimes Division in Malawi marks a significant stride in combating financial crimes. A pivotal element in this development is the collaboration between the AGA-Africa Programme and the Irish Rule of Law International, with an essential role played by the Kenya Judiciary Academy in hosting the study tour.   Malawi’s […]

Exploring the Legal Landscape of Tomorrow: Reflections on Mr. John Edozie’s Opening Remarks at the AGA-Africa and University of Pretoria Event

Introduction: In a recent landmark event, Mr. John Edozie, representing the AGA-Africa Programme, offered insightful opening remarks at the workshop titled “The Future of Law in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): Navigating Legal Challenges in a Digital Age.” Hosted by AGA-Africa and the University of Pretoria, this workshop provided a platform to discuss the evolving […]

Charting New Legal Frontiers: Highlights from the AGA-Africa Programme and University of Pretoria Workshop

Introduction: The University of Pretoria’s Javett Art Centre played host to a landmark event in November 2023: The AGA-Africa and University of Pretoria Synergy Workshop. Under the theme “The Future of Law in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): Navigating Legal Challenges in a Digital Age,” this gathering brought together a distinguished array of legal minds, […]

Embracing Technology in the Malawi Judiciary: The Commonwealth Secretariat Symposium on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence

Introduction The Honourable Chief Justice Rizine R. Mzikamanda, SC, delivered a compelling speech at the Commonwealth Secretariat Symposium for Judges on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in Malawi. The symposium, held from November 6th to 8th, 2023, was organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Malawi Judiciary Training Committee. In his opening remarks, Chief Justice Mzikamanda […]

October’s Odyssey: AGA-Africa Programme’s Vigilant Voyage Against Transnational Crime 

The Mombasa Symposium: A Beacon of Understanding in the Storm of Crime October ushered in a pivotal moment as the AGA-Africa Programme, in concert with the Kenya Judiciary Academy, set the stage for a groundbreaking three-day symposium in Mombasa (3rd – 5th October). Themed “Strengthening Adjudication of Transnational Organised Crimes and Illicit Financial Flows in […]

Commonwealth Secretariat Symposium for Judges on Cybercrime Law and Electronic Evidence, Ghana

AGA-Africa Programme Director and Country Coordinator for Kenya, Chukukere Unamba-Oprah, and Maame Hagaan, AGA-Africa Programme Country Coordinator for Ghana represented the Programme’s leadership at the Commonwealth Secretariat Symposium for Judges on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence on 25th-27th October, 2023, where distinguished delegates converged at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra, Ghana. The symposium […]

Countering the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Southern Africa Workshop with Good Governance Africa (GGA), South Africa

The depletion of wildlife populations due to illegal trade in Southern Africa, has led to loss of jobs and income opportunities. Additionally, the illegal wildlife trade is exacerbating other forms of transnational organised crime as well as undermining good governance and anti-corruption efforts. Against this backdrop, the AGA-Africa Programme collaborated with Good Governance Africa (GGA) […]

Retreat for Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Justices of Nigeria with the National Judicial Institute, Nigeria

As protectors and interpreters of the Constitution, it is crucial for the judicial system to uphold the rule of law and foster sustainable development of a healthy economy in Nigeria, where desirable social and economic outcomes are nurtured. To facilitate a conversation where the learned senior justices could appraise the judicial system vis-à-vis other jurisdictions […]

Malawi Bench-Bar Symposium with the Malawi Law Society (MLS), the Malawi Institute of Legal Education (MILE) and the Malawi Judiciary

AGA-Africa Programme’s Country Coordinator for Malawi, Gift Chikwakwa, represented the Programme’s leadership at the Malawi Bench-Bar Symposium themed: Towards an Improved Justice Delivery System on 20th October, 2023, where senior counsel currently practicing at the Malawi Bar converged at the Bingu International Conference Center, Lilongwe, Malawi. The symposium, sponsored by the AGA-Africa Programme, was organized […]

Cryptocurrencies and Trade-Based Money Laundering Workshop with the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) Rwanda

The technological revolution of the 21st Century has brought with it challenges to administration of justice with increasing use of cyberspace. Meanwhile, the regulation of cryptocurrencies, for example – bitcoin, is yet to be fully understood. While East African Community member states including Rwanda, have individual regulations regarding money laundering and cryptocurrencies, their capacity is […]